Farms for sale in brazil


Estância do Pampa Imóveis Rurais acts in the commercialization and real estate advisory. We work with sales of Farms in Brazil, rent of lands. We at the Estancia do Pampa Imóveis Rurais have a team of highly qualified professionals to meet people of all nationalities, we rely on trust, credibility and ethics, fundamental factors for the closing of a business, as we know how important it is for you, Entrepreneur, invest safely in a property that brings profitability and satisfaction.

We have farms for sale in Brazil from 200 hectares up to 40,000 hectares.

Our team is formed by agrarian lawyer, North American economist, trained in Chicago, real estate broker specializing in agribusiness, lawyer specializing in real estate law and business administrator with extensive experience in international business.

潘帕埃斯坦西亞農村公寓經營在市場營銷和房地產諮詢。 我們在巴西農場銷售,出租土地的工作。 我們,潘帕埃斯坦西亞農村財產,我們擁有一支高素質的專業人才,以滿足各族人民,出類拔萃的信任,信譽和道德,對關閉企業的基本因素,因為我們知道這是對你有多重要,企業家,安全投入,為您帶來滿意和盈利能力的屬性。

我們在200公頃巴西40000 hetares出售農場。